Fuzhou Lesite Plastics Welding Technology Co., Ltd. being one member of China Geosynthetics Engineering Association and China National Waterproofing Building Association is a high-tech enterprise specialized in plastic welding equipments research & development, manufacturing and technical consulting service on plastic welding machines and Industrial heating equipments.

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  • The aura is fully open and upgraded

  • The new upgrade of Lesite Chinese official website is online

    As a well-known brand in the industry, Lesite has always adhered to the corporate development philosophy of “seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering, striving for excellence, and serving customers”, and constantly upgrades and iterates  Lesite products with the spirit of craftsm...

  • Official announcement: Lesite English official website is now online!

      “Corporate official website” is an important window for companies to display products and services to the outside world, and is also an important cornerstone for companies to occupy the market. In order to give customers a more comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of L...

  • Concentrate on strength, forge ahead | Lesite 2020 year-end summary meeting.

    Spring returned, fresh starts for everything. The New Year's bell has been struck, and the wheels of time have left a deep mark. The challenging and promising 2020 is far away, and the hopeful and aggressive 2021 is coming. 2021 is not only a n...

  • LESITE |Product packaging is newly upgraded and brand image continues to deepen

    New year and new life with new packaging upgrade Time lives up to the dream chaser, and it's another spring year. Looking back on 2020, we will overcome the difficulties together, work hard, or stay warm as ever. Everyone has their own harvest....