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Add: 5#Jingpu Road, Jinshan Pushang Industry Park, Fuzhou,Cangshan District, 350007, Fujian, China

Officeline: +86 591 83818890

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Synthia Liu / Sales Manager

E-mail: sales1@lesite.com.cn

Tel: +86 13763821522

Whatsapp / Wechat No.: +86 13860614513

Sunny Dai / Sales

E-mail: sales2@lesite.com.

Tel: +86 18650793446

Whatsapp / Wechat No.: +86 18650793446

Elynn Chen / Sales

E-mail: sales3@lesite.com.cn

Mob / WhatsApp: +8613515002282



+86 13763821522

5#Jingpu Road, Jinshan Pushang Industry Park, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China


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